Sneak-peak into the dumpster rental business

We are always happy to answer questions about our work and to explain some things to interested parties. We do have our Q&A section, but our support is always there for people who want an elaboration of the answers they find in that section.

So, this post will be a sort of introduction/explanation of our work. We will also try to give you as much info as it is possible, so you don’t have to go through Q&A in a search for an answer you seek.


                                     Our clients should know everything about us

Our duty is to provide a high level of service and be there for our customers. We are here to answer whatever they ask if it is in our power. We are one of the best haulers who doesn’t mean that you should hire us. First, check whether we have a branch in your area and then call us. If there are other closer companies whose pricing is affordable, then go for them.


We get many questions about the actual process of rental, which is a simple thing. You make contact, and we call you back. The negotiations about the whole process are short, and the biggest part of that is, us explaining all rules that you should follow to avoid additional charges. This process also involves agreement about the type of payment and all terms that may influence its size. We will deliver the dumpster once we clear all unknowns at the time of delivery and the time the container will stay at your location. We will come to pick the dumpster with its contents at the end of the agreed period.

We avoid talks about the price of the rental because the amount a client will have to pay differs from person to person. It won’t go below 100 dollars, but you won’t have to pay over one thousand dollars for small and medium dumpsters. Those that rent containers for major construction sites will have to pay a lot more than people who want a dumpster for their personal project.

                                           Ask us anything, and we will answer

If you can’t find a satisfactory answer in our articles or the Q&A section, then feel free to send an email to us, or contact our support in any other way. We will try to provide you with an answer that will satisfy your curiosity, and if we can’t then, you will receive an answer in near future when we solve your inquiry.