Newbie guide into dumpster rental

Simplification of the rental process is something that helps all parties in the deal. The simplified process helps everyone as we get to make more deals and our clients get their containers without any issues. It’s not easy to simplify this process entirely because some shady parties may try to abuse that simplification.

We don’t want to talk about scammers, so we will just say that some companies will try to charge hidden fees by hiding them in the oversimplification of the process. That is just another way to conceal the fact that those costs exist. Reputable companies like we have all fees displayed openly, and that doesn’t hurt the way we simplify the whole process.

the waste

Size and the nature of the waste is significant

You have seen a difference between containers, and thus you know that cost differs according to the scale of the dumpster. This sheds light on the importance of renting a right container. You don’t want to pay too much and leave the dumpster half-empty. You also don’t want to fill the dumpster and still have more waste as every trip to landfill costs.

Our site contains comparisons between different containers and the projects for which you can rent them. Those comparisons give our clients an idea of how much of real waste they can put in it. Well, we also offer to send a professional to review the size of the project and estimate the amount of debris which makes it easy for us to recommend a suitable container. This service, of course, costs some money.

nature of the waste

There are strict rules that determine what kind of waste goes to the landfill. We are bound by law to uphold to those standards. We tell our clients which waste they can dump and which they can’t and we warn them about the possibility of an extra charge for unwanted waste in the container.

We don’t want to conduct business with a loss, and therefore we will charge our clients all the unnecessary fees that we have to pay when they put unwanted debris in the container. The landfill will charge us for it, and we will transfer the responsibility to the client. That is the main reason behind our explanations to customers about the necessity to avoid placing undesired trash into the dumpsters.

Simplifications shouldn’t damage the service quality

We do try to simplify the way we conduct the business, but that isn’t having an adverse impact on the quality of the service we provide. We believe that nothing good comes from sacrificing the high-quality service and therefore we will rather have more complicated process than having a simplified process that delivers the subpar quality of the service.