Premium Dumpster Rental For Commercial & Private Use

Our Services



We also provide an evaluation of the workload which helps the determination of the dumpster size our clients will require. This service isn’t mandatory, but it will help our customers to save some money by renting a right-sized container.

Rental Period

We rent standard 10 to 40 feet dumpsters to individuals and construction companies. The rental period ranges between three and seven days. Our clients can call us, and we might extend the lease period if we have containers to cover other requests.


Our accountants will create a full report of the costs we went through with renting the dumpster to you. You can apply for the listings of all charges if you don’t trust us. The listing will contain all expenses that create one payment we ask.

Commercial  Rental

Commercial dumpster rental is one of the services we offer to our client. The commercial container is small, and it can fit behind and in between buildings. Smaller containers are perfect for small restaurants and other small businesses.

Why Work With Us

We are a part of large collection of dumpster rental companies whose expertise is recognized on a federal level. We operate only in Minnesota, but we have multiple branching offices that take on jobs that are out of our natural range. The network of connections that we established makes it easy to offer premium prices to our clients, which is the primary reason for which you should hire us, over other local companies that work in your area.

Our Advantages


The amount of collaboration we have done, with various other companies, means that we get discounts from many of those. This has great positive impact on the charges we add on the fee our clients have to pay.

We always have one to rent

A number of containers we possess means that we always have one to rent. It also means that we can extend the rental time several times even though we have a bunch of other requests for dumpster rental.

No business will have to wait

A high number of trucks allow us to keep the commercial dumpsters clean all of the time. No business will have to wait more than six hours to get their container cleaned and returned because we always have drivers in the area.

Environment stays safe

Connections with environmental organizations and recycling facilities make it possible for us to accept materials that aren’t allowed on landfills. We take those materials and deliver them to those facilities and ensure that the environment stays safe.

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